Don't throw away the trash!
Let's take it home!

Take away garbage from Mt. FujiManner improvement
campaign 2023

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Take away garbage from Mt. Fuji
Manner improvement
campaign 2023

Mt. Fuji Garbage Take-away Manner Improvement Campaign 2022
Period: Late July-August

● Venue Fujinomiyaguchi Gotembaguchi Subashiriguchi Mizugatsuka
● Implementation details Manner enlightenment by multilingual voice Garbage bag distribution Questionnaire

Litter free mt.FUJI

Follow the manners and climb Mt. Fuji!

Aiming for beautiful Mt. Fuji without garbage!

During the summer mountain climbing season of 2017, a large amount of garbage was left on the mountain trails and around the mountain huts, which became a big problem. As a countermeasure, we started a campaign to improve the manners of taking out garbage from Mt. Fuji in 2018, and when we called on climbers to take out garbage, we received the cooperation of many people and the amount of garbage left unattended has decreased. In this year's mountain climbing season as well, we will carry out a garbage take-out manner improvement campaign for Mt. Fuji in order to make Mt. Fuji garbage-free. We would like to ask all the climbers to continue to cooperate in improving their manners.

Litter free mt.FUJI

Bring all the garbage home to zero garbage on Mt. Fuji

You can protect the natural environment with the care of each person!

Mt. Fuji has long been regarded as a sacred mountain. Mt. Fuji is a national park and a World Heritage Site. Mt. Fuji will impress and inspire you. Garbage does not look good on Mt. Fuji, the number one in Japan, Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and Mt. Fuji, which is beautiful. "Take all the trash home", follow the rules and climb Mt. Fuji. With the cooperation of each and every one of you, we can make Mt. Fuji beautiful and free of garbage.


There is no trash can on Mt. Fuji.

At the 5th station, mountain trails, mountain lodges, and toilets, there is no trash can to throw away your garbage. Leave memories and leave no trash. If you find any trash that has fallen, pick it up. That is compassion for Mt. Fuji.

A garbage bag is included with the preparations for mountain climbing!

Before climbing the mountain, when preparing your luggage, try to avoid producing garbage and reduce the amount of garbage. For sweets and candies, remove the wrapping paper and outer box and replace only the contents with one bag. Put water in a water bottle or water pack container (folded down to make it smaller) instead of a PET bottle. Bring a large and durable bag.

Garbage does not return naturally.

Do you think that cigarette butts and food will return to nature even if you throw them away? Absolutely no. Do you think it will disassemble and return to nature over time? The 5th station of Mt. Fuji is Gotemba Exit 1440m, Subashiri Exit 2000m, Fujinomiya Exit 2400m. Since the altitude is high, the temperature is low and decomposition does not proceed. It will remain as it is forever.

Be careful of lost items and climbing equipment!

Vinyl kappa (sold at convenience stores and 100-yen shops) and umbrellas cannot prevent the wind and rain of Mt. Fuji. When it rains or winds hard, the umbrella easily breaks, the vinyl kappa tears, and the umbrella and vinyl kappa become garbage. Prepare a solid rain gear (Gore-Tex) that can withstand both rain and wind. If your body gets wet in the rain and a strong wind blows, you will have hypothermia, which can be life-threatening. It is also possible to rent mountaineering equipment at the 5th station.
Be careful of mountain climbing shoes and athletic shoes that you haven't worn for a while. I walk for at least 6 hours when climbing Mt. Fuji. As you walk on lava pebbles, the soles may deteriorate and come off. Make sure to check the soles of your shoes before using them to prevent them from becoming dusty.


●Please bring a garbage bag to take home.