Carry your trash Home to
Keep Mt.Fuji Green Campaign 2019 run
by Shizuoka Pref.

Help keep the climbing trail cleaner behind you.

In summer climbing season, 2017, a large amount of trash and waste was left on the ground along the climbing trails and around the mountain huts by irresponsible climbers. Since it became a serious pressing issue, Shizuoka Prefectural government had launched the Carry your Trash Home to Keep Mt.Fuji Green Campaign appealing for Litter Free Mt.Fuji. Almost all climbers really cared and that eventually reduced littering. To keep Mt. Fuji green and cleaner, we are running the Campaign in this climbing season again and asking all domestic and international climbers to take trash and litter with you when you leave Mt.Fuji.

Litter Free Mt.Fuji. Carry your trash home with you.

Litter Free Mt.Fuji. Carry your trash home with you

Mt.Fuji, the sacred mountain has been worshipped all through the ages. The mountain is located in the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park and designated as World Heritage.The mountain has moved and inspired people.Mt.Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and icon of Japan must be kept beautiful. Carry all your trash with you is one of rules you have to follow while climbing.If each climber minds and cares about conservation of Mt.Fuji, it helps keep Mt.Fuji always clean and beautiful.

No public trash cans are found in Mt. Fuji

There are no public trash cans at the 5th station, mountain lodges, toilets, facilities and along the trails.Leave nothing behind.If you find litter, please pick it up. It means you cares about Mt. Fuji.

Pack in your own trash bag along with mountain gear

Climbing boots, backpack, hat, gloves, rain gear, water and food are necessity and a trash bag as well.Don't you think you can use a plastic bag you get at a store where you buy something?It's too thin and small. Larger and not-thin plastic bags would be useful not only to put your trash but also to put wet rain gear and gloves.

Don't throw away food waste and cigarette butts!

Don't you think you can throw away cigarette butts and food waste on the ground, do you? Absolutely NO! Cold temperatures keep organic matter from decomposing. Almost of all cigarette butts contains plastic filers. These remain as they are.

If they are broken, your gear will turn to be wastes

A thin plastic rain coat or umbrella would not good enough to use as rain gear at the mountain.Heavy rain and strong wind will break your umbrella and tear your plastic raincoat.These broken umbrella and wet torn raincoat end up to be wastes. Prepare good quality waterproof and wind resistant mountain gear and you won't produce wastes and save your life as well. When you get wet, strong wind will cause you to drop your body temperature. Hypothermia usually occurs from exposure to low temperatures and it will risk your life. Rental mountain gear will be available at the fifth station. You have to walk on gravel and rocks at least 6 hours while climbing. If you are going to wear shoes and hiking boots which you haven't used for a long time, please check your shoes condition. A rubber sole of long-time-no-use shoes has got deteriorated and will easily come off.

You may accidentally leave trash on the trail

Heading for the summit of 3776m, you will walk in scorching sunlight during the day or walk in the dark at night to see sunrise at the top. You would be suffering from altitude sickness. When you get tired, sleepy or sick, you must decrease attention. When you take a break and start walking again on the way, you may accidentally leave your groves, a water bottle and wrapper of snacks you ate behind you. These will end up to be wastes. Please make sure to leave nothing behind.

Littering is Crime

According to WASTE MANAGEMENT AND PUBLIC CLEANSING LAW, those who litter shall be liable to imprisonment of up to five years and / or to a fine of up to 10 million yen.

"Carry your Trash Home to Keep Mt.Fuji Green Campaign 2019" will be conducted at following fifth stations, Fujinomiya, Subashiri and Gotenba and Mizugatuka parking from August 9th through 18th. Campaign staff will hand out trash bags to climbers and conduct a survey.



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